About easyknits.co.uk

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It all started when…

Easyknits.co.uk is a small indie yarn dyers based in Southeast London, UK. Started by Jon Dunn-Ballam in 2009, who is a knitter, spinner and hand-dyer.

Jon, 36 years old,  began knitting at the age of 7, taught by his grandma, knitting throughout most of his youth, pausing to complete his studies in Graphic Design. jon moved to London in 2004 following his career as a Graphic Designer, working on layout for a magazine in the city.

Not knowing many people when he made the move to London Jon joined a knitting group that met every week in a different pub in the city, making friends and getting back into his knitting in a big way. 

After discovering a love for knitting socks, Jon marvelled at how little choice there was in bright and fun colourways in luxury knitting yarns, and so began tinkering and experimenting with dyeing his own, within a few months easyknits,co.uk was born. 

In the past 9 years easyknits,co.uk has become known for it's high quality, luxurious yarn bases dyed in an array of wild and wonderful colours across the spectrum, steadily growing and developing and changing. 

Today easyknits.co.uk has thousands of customers worldwide, wholesale stockists throughout Europe and a large London based studio and showroom that people come to visit from all over the globe. 

Shop with us, knit with us, learn with us and enjoy colour with us today!